Pictures from LAPD officers. 

All of these pictures were sent to me from current or retired Los Angeles Police Officers. These pictures are owned by them and they CAN NOT be used or copied without their permission.
If you were in the LAPD and have any pictures you would like to share please contact me. Thanks.....Enjoy.

These pictures were sent in by Ret, Officer Del Rosario. I'm hearing the same thing from all the LAPD officers that I talk with and that is, it was the best job they ever had and they were living a dream. Thanks Del.



These pictures were sent by Ret. Officer Ted Oglesby. Ted was a lieutenant (Watch Commander) at Rampart and the story about the V.W. is as follows: Sgt. Sam Galluzzo (deceased) was the owner of the V.W. and he is shown with the car.  Another sergeant, J.J. Kelley, owned a body and fender shop and told Galluzzo that he would give the old car a new paint job.  When the car was returned to the station, it was a painted as you see it.  Galluzzo had no idea that his car would look like that. What a great prank and a one of a kind Black & white. Thanks Ted.








          LAPD, Southwest Division Parking Lot, Circa 1976. Mid-Watch Preparing to depart.




Here's a YouTube of the LAPD that Officer Shawn of the VA state police sent me. I thought it would go good here. Thanks Shawn.


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