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Hello, On this page I would like to showcase LAPD cars that any of you own. I would also like the LAPD to showcase some of their vehicles as well. So if you own any Black & White LAPD car please contact me so I can get pictures and information on this page. I would like to post your name and city but I will only put the info. you want on. Thanks.


                    1969 Satellite in Michigan

OK I'll start. My name is Michael and I live in South West Michigan. This is my 1969 LAPD replica Adam-12 Belvedere. It has a newly rebuilt 383 super commando engine. I do as many car shows as I can including the New York City Antique Police car show and the Emergency vehicle show in Chicago as well as the Woodward cruise in Detroit. Lots of waves and camera's out windows while driving down the highway to the shows.




                                                          Below are New York City June 2010. 

This one is at the USS Intrepid.

  New York city police Museum                                   USS Intrepid

                    Nope not California or the pacific ocean. Lake Michigan.





                  1967 in Michigan

Randy Owens from southeast Michigan has just made this beautiful 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II as seen in only the pilot episode. Randy and his wife will be making the trip to Los Angeles with the car and can be seen while we are in L.A. area.






New addition - 


                           1977 Plymouth Fury - Arizona

Steve Bolander is a retired San Francisco police officer and a retired Department of Homeland Security Law Enforcement Specialist who now lives in Prescott Valley Arizona. Steve's main hobby is restoring and replicating vintage police cars. In addition to this 1977 Fury LAPD "shop" that he recently completed, he's also creating a vintage Arizona Highway Patrol car from a 1973 Plymouth Satellite.

Great looking car Steve nice job! I have always liked this body style. Maybe I need to start looking at doing a second one from season seven?









                               Lots from Los Angeles

These beautiful cars are from Barry in Los Angeles. That sound was my jaw hitting the floor. Thanks for sending them in.

The first 4 are his! Nice.

1971 LAPD Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon, with Kent McCord standing next to it, at the LAPD training academy, during a charity event.
     1971 LAPD Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon. Parker Center.
                                                   1971 LAPD AMC Matador - Parker Center    

                    1947 LAPD police car with a full size mannequin driving.


                                     1972 LAPD AMC Matador- Do you see the CAR?!

                                1947 in L.A. Parade

                                                     1977 Plymouth Fury LAPD


                       1991 Crown Vic LAPD


Bill Bratton, former LAPD Chief of Police, standing on the left, with Barry standing on the right.


               1968 Adam-12 in Chicago

This beautiful 1968 is owned by Bruce in Chicago and was at the show I was just at with mine. It's the Chicagoland Emergency vehicle show and it was a great show. I highly recommend it.

Very clean. A very nice car.

         The interior in his car was unbelievable. Just fantastic.


                 Mine and his


                    Nebraska 1972 AMC Matador

OK next up is a gorgeous 1972 AMC Matador owned by Monty McCord from Hastings. Thanks Monty.
What a beauty.

                            Nice info board.

             Nice work Monty. That's a trunk!

                 Iowa 1971 Satellite

This 1971 Plymouth Satellite is owned by officer Pat Toscano from the council Bluff Police Dept. Very nice Pat Thanks.

                       I love this shot in front of the old gas station.

              Pat's car is the front car.

                                             Looks like a 1971 domestic call.


                                                Looks really nice Pat. Thanks for sharing.

Golf Shores, Alabama. 1971 Satellite

This car is now owned by the chief in golf shores. It's a 1971 Plymouth Satellite.  Looks Really nice chief thanks.






                                San Antonio, Texas
Detective Eddie Gonzales of the San Antonio Police Dept.
                               Owns this 1968 Plymouth Belvedere






          Sweet looking '68 Detective Gonzales. Thank's for sending them.

"The Beast"
                           1970 Satellite- North Carolina
                                   Officer Ken Norris

Ken wanted to give a special Thank you to George Houts and this website for all the help when making his NEW Adam-12 car. You're very welcome Ken and that's why I started this website.









Nice job Ken. It looks really nice and I think this is the first 1970 body style I've seen done.

                                             1971 Satellite

OK even though this is not a black and white I wanted to add it in because it was an original in service LAPD detective car. Here's the story:


This is Shop number 82-635, dual purpose LAPD detective car. Owner, Keith Jackson, Sunset Beach, CA. 
All LAPD Satellites were exactly the same as ordered from Chrysler except for paint color and interiors.Cars were delivered through Basso Chrysler-Plymouth in LA. They ordered them loaded, 383 Super Commando, front power disc brakes,  manual steering, air conditioning, clear glass, RK heavy duty police package that included roof support and extra body welds, Hemi suspension, 10" rear drum brakes, etc. Paint is Special Blue metallic. This car has the build sheet, fender tag, and is 100% numbers matching engine and transmission. A 3 year 700+ hour restoration. Vinyl floor covering is all original as well has the glass and door panels. Seats are NOS material. Multiple show and magazine award winner.  Shown by special request at benefit events. Has original red magnetic dash light, rear detachable amber light, and Federal PA-20A siren and speaker. Trunk was left unrestored and has the Cooper spare tire, trunk mat, and Motorola VHF radio with LAPD plywood mounts. All original shop numbers were left intact.





                         Beautiful car Keith, Thanks for sending it in.

                          1956 LAPD
Proud owners 
                                 George & Carole March 
                                       Port Angeles, WA.

This vehicle was purchased from a private party in Kirkland, WA approx. Summer, 1997. It was turquoise and white, in excellent physical condition with only one small dent that was easily fixed. We also received the original sales receipt and all of the work that was performed on it. It originally came from Missouri. It is a stock 265 engine and 2-speed power glide transmission.

Restoration began in early 2001 which included a complete engine rebuild. Everything was completed in 2003. Research for authenticity was provided by former LAPD officers and a thorough internet search. Authentic Los Angeles seals, can lights (ordered from B & M Sirens, Santa Fe Springs, CA), Super Chief sirens, shop number decals (patterned after Venice Division) and radio are all period correct. We also had special E-Plates made from The Earl Hayes Press, Sun Valley, CA.







     Great looking car George & Carol. Thank you for sending it in and welcome. 

1968 Plymouth Belvedere        

(California Car) that was originally located in Sacramento, CA.

The car owner is 
Eric Gaona active State of California Peace Officer from Bakersfield CA.








Southern California Hometown is Bakersfield.This was a eBay bid/win at $950.00. After all the extra parts that came with the car I paid $450.00 dollars for it. The intentions of this car project was geared towards the ADAM-12 Series car where I took several still frame pictures of the trunk and interior shots of the car for equipment replication and placement. All body work paint polishing, metal fabrication of brackets/Hot Sheet Desk ,equipment placement installation and wiring and mechanical restoration was done by Eric.

Features for roof top include:

*Trio Sales LAPD Can Lights with internal flashers and Powder Coated by 18 year old Son Cale
*Federal Signal Siren,
*Round Base two way antenna housing

Interior features:

*Metal folding Hot Sheet Desk
*Federal Signal PA-20 with Motorola Mic that is interconnected by harnesses to the two *Motorola Radio's and attached to the replica radio bracket tower like the series car from *ADAM-12 episode 1.
*LAPD hand held Spotlight
*Metal Shotgun Rack with key operated lock only mounted in front of the front bench seat floor *board with one Replica Ithaca Pump Airsoft Shotgun.
*Leather Ticket Book

Trunk Features:

*Ithaca Shotgun with trunk pan formed Shotgun Rack.
*Dual Motorola two way radios with cabling mounted to wood platform radio board with metal *support brackets and copied from the TV series car.
*LAPD Riot Helmet with leather zip bag.
*Black 1970's era brief case containing Malloy and Reeds LAPD Shields and photo Identification *Cards of them
*Misc ADAM-12 memorabilia for car shows and events such as Lunch Box, View Master with Reels, Coffee Mug.

Thanks Eric. Your car looks GREAT! Eric will be meeting up with our Adam-12 group after we get to L.A. on the 45th Anniversary road trip.

Found some video's on YouTube. I'll be adding more.

                                            10-4 days in Hollywood.



     2010 New York City Police Museum car show. Mine was at this show.

Deputy Scott Johanson of the Allegan County Sheriff's Dept. (MI) spotted me on my way home and stop by to check out my car. He grew up watching the show and got a first hand feel of what it was like for Malloy. By the way....Scott's real on duty radio call sign is... Adam-12! How cool is that! Thanks for stopping Scott. 



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