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                                      LAPD Badge Description


           1. Border design based on the fasces, or ancient Roman symbol of authority.

            2. Designation of rank.

            3. Rays of a setting sun represent a west coast location.

            4. Replica of city hall with three symbolic characteristics: Tower's rising lines depict the untiring and unyielding spirit of the city's founders; the flanking wings represent the expansive growth from the first "El Pueblo"; the broad base signifies the city's firm foundation.

              5. The city seal depicts: the city's history through Spanish, Mexican, autonomous and United States control; it's site as a prolific garden spot; and the early influence of the mission padres.

               6. Designation of the city and department.

               7. Oval shape, unique in badge design when adopted in 1940.

                8. Badge number or symbol or rank.

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Les White of Scotland. Les has been studying the LAPD for over 38 years and he knows his stuff.
                                 Vehicle Fleet Specifications for 1975




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I first got interested in the LAPD when ADAM-12 first appeared on TV over here in Scotland in 1974, we got American TV shows years after they debuted in the USA. Since then I have gathered information thru research, visits, ride-a-longs, personal interaction with LAPD Officers and the collecting of Uniforms and insignias.
During research I have come across many problems with regard to the dates of issue of items ,having to rely on dated photos and recollections of veterans. Of course ADAM-12 helps out occassionally since it is department sanctioned, so I'll concentrate on their era 1969 - 1975 to start with, which actually works out pretty good as these are the years of major changes in uniforms and equipment.

If you notice any errors please let me know, through our host Mike, and provide some evidence of what you say is different from what I have found out and we can all learn as we go. - Les

'Check out episode 'HOSTAGE' aired 3/1/70 and note that Sgt MacDonald is wearing a new cap with his old cap piece, which is accurate for the time due to issue problems. Also in this episode you will see that Reed and Malloy are wearing the Safariland gunbelt. Les'


'Of interest to those trying to reproduce the Adam-12 look for 1971 the 'UNITED UNIFORM MANUFACTURERS INC. Catalog front page shows the LAPD 'IKE' jacket and lists it inside as being a currently approved item.

To see the jacket in use, check out ADAM-12 episode 'SAFE JOB' aired on 4/5/71, Reed and Malloy are both wearing them for most of the episode. The earliest episode I found is 'MILITANTS' aired 2/18/71. Les.' 


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