elcome to my Adam-12 website. In this site I hope you will find some very useful information about Adam-12 and the equipment that the LAPD used back in the mid to late 60's. 
In the pages that follow I provide information as to what was used on and in the police cars and links to other great Adam-12 and police websites.

What is it I hear the most at car shows and in emails? "That show is why I became a cop". What amazes me is just how many people the show Adam-12 influenced so much, that when they grew up they became the police officers they loved to watch. I hope Kent McCord and Martin Milner know just how many police officers are on the streets of America and the world because of them and the show. They can be proud of the job they did on and off the show for years. As a matter of fact Kent McCord is still very active with the LAPD and numerous different charities. You can find the latest news for him on his website. The link is on my links page. Those of us that are fans of Adam-12 and the LAPD are thankful they did what they did.

Now, I found most of this information from a lot of Internet searching and picking the brains of some really good people that I've met along the way when I made my own 1969 Adam-12 replica (pictured above). If you are planning on making your own Adam-12 replica or any old Los Angeles police car my intent is that you will find most of the information you need on this website. And if you can't find it here then I've include links to other great Adam-12 and police websites which will also help. If you have any questions please email me. 

About me....I was ten when I watched Adam-12 on the old 19 inch TV while laying on the living room floor wanting to be a great police officer like Reed and Malloy when I grew up. Fast forward... It was the best, hardest and most rewarding job I've ever had. I'm now retired and one of the lucky ones who now owns a replica Adam-12 car. Right back to where it all started. Thank you Jack Webb, Kent McCord and Martin Milner for inspiring me to do what I loved.  

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Had a great show Sept. 18-19 at the FireFest show in Chatham-Kent Canada. Thank you Canada for a great trip.



                                    2016 Fire Fest show  Canada    
               Went with my buddy Randy and his really nice 1967




                                Gilmore Car Museum. 

A stop by the pumps before leaving the first ever Emergency Vehicle show at the world famous Gilmore car museum. Had a great crowd and a good time. Next up... Canada, eh. 

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                                     Fun Facts....

Did you know.... when they filmed the Adam-12 TV show one of the script ladies would lay down in the back after the seat was taken out and she would read the lines of the Dispatcher (Sharron Snead), then Kent McCord would answer with his lines. During production and editing they would then add Sharrons voice saying the same lines that were recorded in a studio elsewhere. Even the sounds on the mic being pulled off and put back were added after the fact.


Did you know they built the back of the Rampart police station inside a sound stage at the studio where they filmed most of the scenes of Reed and Malloy going to and from the Adam-12 car at Rampart? They made (Rampart) big enough to fit 3 to 4 LAPD cars to add more of the effect of it being the real Rampart.

More fun facts will be added daily. 



                     The voice of Adam-12 is retired LAPD Dispatcher Shaaron Snead.
                                                      Thanks to

Shaaron appeared in person in only one episode of Adam-12. It was in episode "Suspended" on season five. Air date Feb.21 1973.



Check out the New "Owners Car" page. Just added a new Police vehicle. If you have an old LAPD or Adam-12 replica that you would like to share please send pics and info. to me at Adam12@fnwusers.com and I will add them on. Hope you enjoy the new car. KMA 367
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                       History of L.A.P.D Communications

Visit Harry Marnell's website on LAPD communication's. This is hands down the most complete website dealing with LAPD communications that I've ever seen. Harry has done a fantastic job. KMA 367


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