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A good friend Randy Owens sent me this shooting call sheet from the pilot of Adam-12. It's really cool. Thanks randy.


This is a pretty cool video that Lieutenant Roger W. from the Cumberland P.D. sent to me. It is really well made by
GeorgShadow on YouTube.


If you would like to help support the website and get a great item at the same time here it is. I did design these (added pictures) and if you have something you would like let me know.



                                  Save Henry's !!


Why This Is Important......

Henry's Tacos has been a beloved San Fernando Valley taco stand and meeting place located on the corner of Moorpark St. and Tujunga Ave. in Studio City/North Hollywood, California for 50 years. It is more than just a taco stand or business to many of us who grew up in the neighborhood. Henry's is an important part of our collective history that not only has sentimental value, but cultural and historical significance as well. Henry's Tacos is a third-generation family owned and operated small business that deserves to be saved!



Jim Benson out of Southern California. He did a show on Adam-12 and I was invited to be part of this show. It was fun and Jim was a great host. Listen to the show on his website Here.

Also remember that the first five seasons are availible on DVD though places like 
Amazon and The Shout! Factory.




                                           Do you remember?
                                           Fun Stuff

Do you remember these supporting stars? A lot were in Dragnet but some if not most found their way to Adam-12. Thanks to Fat Donna's Guide to who's who on "DRAGNET". 

            Merry Anders                   Art Balinger                     Jill Banner
            Harry Bartell                     David Bond                  Robert Brubaker

          Michael Burns                     Robert Clarke                Howard Culver
            Tim Donnelly                   Peter Duryea                  Anthony Eisley

           Virginia Gregg                 Stacey Harris                     Clark Howat

          Bert Holland                     John Hudson                  Robert Knapp

           Don Dubbins                 Dennis McCarthy                Ralph Moody

          Del Moore                          Burt Mustin                       Vic Perrin

           James Oliver                    Don Ross                      John Sebastian

          Jack Sheldon                   Alfred Shelly                  Mickey Sholdar

            Olan Soulé                      G.D. Spradlin                 Leonard Stone

         Bobby Troup                       Herb Vigran                   Peggy Webber
            Art Gilmore                    Nydia Westman                Len Wayland

OK, I received an email from retired Sgt. Eric of the LAPD and he sent me some of the old LAPD training Bulletins. These are great! Thanks Sergeant.



I'll add more soon.