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         Adam-12 Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/21/1968
Log 1: The Impossible Mission

After his young partner is killed in the line of duty, L.A.P.D. patrol officer Pete Malloy has made a tough decision. He plans on quitting the force at the end of this night's shift. But his superior has one last assignment for Malloy before he leaves; take out rookie officer Jim Reed on his first full night of duty on the streets.

Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/28/1968
Log 141 -- The Color TV Bandit

Officers Malloy and Reed are called to an apartment when a neighbor hears groans through the wall, and then attempt to save two small victims who have ingested narcotic pills. They then pursue whom they think is the long-sought burglary suspect of TV sets.

Season 1, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/5/1968
Log 11 -- It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?

Officers Malloy and Reed are called to the scene of vandalism, ask the assistance of neighbors to catch the vandal, have a talk with the suspect, talk to the neighborhood kids about their police cruiser, convince a young man high on pills to not hurt a woman's baby, and finally catch the vandal, all in one evening shift.
During the whole duty watch, Reed worries about the large dent in the fender he caused while backing the car up for fuel, thinking it might lead to his termination as an officer since he is still on probation.

Season 1, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/12/1968
Log 131 -- Reed, The Dicks Have Their Job And We Have Ours

On patrol, Malloy and Reed get a missing child call, receive a tip from a snitch about a fight that leads to the discovery of a murdered man, a food stand owner gets another lecture on proper parking lot signage, a couple have to be calmed down...twice, after a domestic argument, and mismatched plates on a car lead to a high-speed pursuit of two drug dealers.
After turning over the crime scene of the murdered man to detectives, Reed sulks all night until he realizes that his job is much more interesting than theirs.

Season 1, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/19/1968
Log 91 -- You Aren't The First Guy That's Had The Problem.

Reed gets a lesson in having to continue doing his job, including the mundane routine of administering a sobriety test to a drunk driver, searching for the victim of a pool hall brawl, and running down a punk in a foot pursuit, all in the shadow of a close friend being critically wounded in the line of his everyday duties as a police officer.

Season 1, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/26/1968
Log 161 -- And You Want Me To Get Married!

Malloy and Reed take an early call concerning a liquor store robbery, then while patrolling the hills stop and talk to a couple of young boys, warning them about walking on the road and not to play with matches. On their way through the hills, they are flagged down about a woman who drove off the road and consequently find her baby in the brush near the crash scene. Back down in the valley, they arrest a robber who hit the same liquor store and after "lunch", get called to a domestic disturbance involving very loud noise.

Season 1, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/2/1968
Log 71 -- I Feel Like A Fool, Malloy

Reed and Malloy start the evening shift off with a 415 disturbance call between two peaceniks who are fighting in the Temple of Love. A red Mustang then takes them on a short high speed chase, a liquor store is busted up by hoodlums, and another 415 disturbance call turns out to be a babysitter who can't swim needing help with her charge who has fallen into a pool.

Season 1, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/9/1968
Log 72 : El Presidente

Malloy and Reed must deal with two very tipsy women who are fighting over the same man, on the road they are flagged down by a cab driver who was just held up. He jumps in the cruiser and points out the guy dressed like a cowboy staring at a building. Back on the street, they talk with a man mistaken by Mexicans as the President of the United States, and then must use special weapons to flush out a man who is shooting from the window of a house.

Season 1, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/16/1968
Log 101 - Someone Stole My Lawn

Los Angeles Police officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy are dispatched to investigate the theft of a man's lawn. 

Season 1, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/30/1968
Log 132 : Producer

Reed and Malloy set a trap for two burglary suspects within a building that manufactures swimwear, and later the officers help capture a prowler who is stalking a model.

Season 1, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/7/1968
Log 111 : Snake In The Trunk

Officers Reed and Malloy have to break apart a couple of feuding neighbors, attempt to find a stolen car with a boa constrictor in the trunk, and effect a rescue of two people from a house on fire.

Season 1, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/14/1968
Log 61 : The Runaway

When officers Reed and Malloy get to a communal house occupied by hippies, they find a young girl, who has run away from home, extremely sick from narcotic use.

Season 1, Episode 13 – Aired: 12/21/1968
Log 122: Christmas - The Yellow Dump Truck

Officers Reed and Malloy take part in a city wide search for a family's car that was stolen, along with the Christmas toys in it's trunk. They also arrest a holiday drunk driver.

Season 1, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/4/1969
Log 81: The Long Walk

Malloy and Reed are dispatched to a silent alarm set off during a holdup, then find themselves in the middle of a shootout with three suspects, and finally try to help an elderly man who is walking to his home...in South Dakota!

Season 1, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/11/1969
Log 36: Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack

Reed and Malloy lend aid to a young woman, and the officers lead a raid on a dope dealer's apartment, breaking up the drug ring run from there.

Season 1, Episode 16 – Aired: 1/18/1969
Log 62: Grand Theft Horse?

Reed and Malloy assist park rangers in catching a horse thief, a homesick Texan who was high on drugs at the time. The officers then chase two gunmen in a high speed pursuit.

Season 1, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/1/1969
Log 33: It All Happened So Fast

Reed returns fire and kills a suspect, only to get grilled all night at the station.

Season 1, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/8/1969
Log 112: You Blew It

There are good reasons for the policies police officers must follow, even if citizens don't like them. And this time when Malloy and Reed fail to follow the book on a traffic stop, an armed robbery suspect gets away.

Season 1, Episode 19 – Aired: 2/15/1969
Log 51: A Jumper - Code Two

A woman won't let Reed and Malloy go until they fix her television antenna, and Malloy works dilegently to keep a man from jumping from a building.

Season 1, Episode 20 – Aired: 2/22/1969
Log 73: I'm Still A Cop

Malloy is a part-time student at a local college, where he suddenly finds himself in the middle of of a riot.

Season 1, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/1/1969
Log 102: We Can't Just Walk Away From It

A teenager is threatening to commit suicide and Malloy and Reed try to talk the troubled youth out of it.

Season 1, Episode 22 – Aired: 3/8/1969
Log 152: A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone

A brash cop with reckless disregard for safety is teaching young rookies the wrong way to handle dangerous situations.

Season 1, Episode 23 – Aired: 3/15/1969
Log 12: He Was Trying To Kill Me

A call brings Malloy and Reed into the investigation of child neglect.

Season 1, Episode 24 – Aired: 3/22/1969
Log 172: Boy, The Things You Do For The Job

Malloy writes a young woman a traffic ticket and then is bombarded with attention and affection, all of which he doesn't want.

Season 1, Episode 25 – Aired: 3/29/1969
Log 92: Tell Him He Pushed Back A Little To Hard

A couple of neighbors co-own a boat and continually fight over it so Malloy and Reed do their best to mediate this latest rift.

Season 1, Episode 26 – Aired: 4/5/1969
Log 22: ...So This Little Guy Goes Into This Bar, And...

Malloy and Reed on patrol deal with a domestic dispute, the theft of a fur, and the noise from a loud party. 

    Adam-12 Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2, Episode 26 – Aired: 5/9/1970
Log 173 -- Shoplift

Malloy and Reed track down a young shoplifter who had escaped custody to the lair of an eccentric spiritualist she worships and tries offering stolen goods to.

Season 2, Episode 25 – Aired: 4/18/1970
Log 44 -- Attempted Bribery

The son of a rich businessman is arrested by Malloy and Reed for driving while under the influence and daddy tries to influence the officers to let his son go with a bribe.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 144 -- Bank Robbery


Season 2, Episode 24 – Aired: 4/11/1970
Log 144 -- Bank Robbery

Officers Malloy and Reed must deal with a domestic dispute involving a former professional wrestler.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 134 -- Child Stealer

Season 2, Episode 23 – Aired: 4/4/1970

Log 134 -- Child Stealer

Another exciting day on patrol, Malloy and Reed chase down a suspected kidnapper, arrest carjackers, and run down an escaped prisoner.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 114 -- The Hero

Season 2, Episode 22 - Aired: 3/28/1970
Log 114 -- The Hero

Even though his valiant actions saved a man's life from a burning building, the young man responsible refuses to be recognized for the deed.

Season 2, Episode 21 – Aired: 3/21/1970
Log 74 -- Light Duty

After breaking his wrist, Malloy gets reassigned to desk duty for a few weeks.

Season 2, Episode 20 – Aired: 3/14/1970
Log 104 -- The Bomb

Malloy and Reed take cases ranging from street racers to robbers to a bomb threat to an attempt to commit suicide.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 94 -- Vengeance

Season 2, Episode 19 – Aired: 3/7/1970
Log 94 -- Vengeance

Today's calls for Malloy and Reed include the investigation of a car theft gang, the robbery of a liquor store, and a child who gets stuck in a refrigerator.

Season 2, Episode 18 – Aired: 2/28/1970
Log 124 -- Airport

Malloy and Reeds shift this day include calls concerning a runaway girl, a robbery at a grocery store and a stolen aircraft.

Season 2, Episode 17 – Aired: 2/14/1970
Log 24 -- A Rare Occasion

While Malloy and Reed patrol the streets of L.A., they must deal with a young man on drugs at a social event.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 54 -- Impersonation

Season 2, Episode 16 – Aired: 2/7/1970
Log 54 -- Impersonation

An investigator for the Rampart division is suspected of defrauding residents of their money.

Season 2, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/31/1970
Log 64 -- Bottom Of The Bottle

The Adam 12 team sees the same alcoholic gentleman twice in one night, at a brawl and then later at a shooting call.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 14 -- S.W.A.T.

Season 2, Episode 14 – Aired: 1/24/1970
Log 14 -- S.W.A.T.

Created within the Los Angeles Police Department, the Special Weapons and Tactics team are called in to find and take out a sniper.

Season 2, Episode 13 – Aired: 1/10/1970
Log 34 - Astro

Malloy and Reed are in pursuit of robbers and are being furnished air support with a police helicopter.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 43 -- Hostage

Season 2, Episode 12 – Aired: 1/3/1970
Log 43 -- Hostage

Malloy is seriously wounded by two escaped prisoners who are holding the officer hostage.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 142 -- As High As You Are

Season 2, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/20/1969
Log 142 -- As High As You Are

Reed and Malloy are already having a tough day, when they're called for a narcotics arrest. No sooner do they arrive, than a group of neighborhood thugs decide to interfere, making their job that much harder. After that, Reed and Malloy get a call which involves a lion in an apartment.

Season 2, Episode 10 – Aired: 12/13/1969
Log 143 -- Cave

Just a typical day on patrol with calls ranging from a stoned hippie to the search for a runaway child.

Season 2, Episode 9 – Aired: 11/29/1969
Log 123 -- Courtroom

Reed and Malloy are accused of overstepping the parameters of a search warrant by a suspect found to be in possession of illegal drugs.
Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 93 -- Once A Junkie

Season 2, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/22/1969
Log 93 -- Once A Junkie

An ex-junkie is the suspect in an assault and robbery case and Reed and Malloy are assigned the case.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 63 -- Baby

Season 2, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/8/1969
Log 63 -- Baby

Officer Malloy asks the new girl in the office out on a date. Reed should have taken the day off as his wife is in the hospital delivering a baby.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 103 -- A Sound Like Thunder

Season 2, Episode 6 – Aired: 11/1/1969
Log 103 -- A Sound Like Thunder

Reed and Malloy visit a ghost town and have to deal with a gang of bikers with guns.

Season 2, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/18/1969
Log 83 -- A Different Thing

Malloy and Reed are called to investigate a hit and run which soon begins to look like a homicide.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 23 -- Pig Is A Three Letter Word

Season 2, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/11/1969
Log 23 -- Pig Is A Three Letter Word

Reed and Malloy must keep a riot from taking place after the apprehension of a pair of armed robbers sets an entire neighborhood against the police.

Season 2, Episode 3 – Aired: 10/4/1969
Log 52 -- Good Cop: Handle with Care

A pair of freelance reporters are determined to do a story on police brutality, and harass Reed and Malloy as their marks. The officers warn them to cease their behavior, but, they don't, and end up causing a tragedy.

Screenshot of Adam-12 episode: Log 153 -- Find Me A Needle

Season 2, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/27/1969
Log 153 -- Find Me A Needle

Malloy and Reed spend their night watch attempting to find a criminal that is stalking a teenage lover's lane.

Season 2, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/20/1969
Log 15 -- Exactly One Hundred Yards

Malloy isn't thrilled about having to do community relations police work.