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These are printed with photos taken over the past couple of years by officer Tom Sheehy.

Featuring 12 months of high quality photos of beautifully restored police cars. Each month’s format is patterned after the car featured that month. These are a full size flip calendar.

Quantities are limited, ORDER EARLY!

$18.99, plus $6 Priority Mail shipping. (Overseas extra)

Payment by PayPal or check.

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Replica T-2 can lights

Custom made replica "can lights" made using an original Trio T-2 as a model. Made of steel. Same size and weight as the original. Hollow, height adjustable mounting bolt and aluminum cast roof mount. The roof mount is also an exact replica of the original. Rust resistant paint.

New Wagner 4000R red sealed beams. Amber 4412A sealed beams also included.
These are suitable for display or use on your restored police car at a fraction of the price of hard to find originals. Shipping within the U.S.

The seller has informed me that if bought though this website and directly from him you will receive a better price than off eBay. I have not seen these in person but they look like really nice replicas in the pics. For information please contact the seller 




Adam-12 Tee shirt. This is a nice shirt. I know because I bought one some time ago. Go


Another Adam-12 Tee shirt. I also own this shirt. It's nice. Go HERE.


Tee Shirt. I just ordered one and I got it. It's a real nice shirt. Go HERE


If you would like to help support the website and get a great LAPD item at the same time here it is. I did design these and if you have something you would like email me and I'll see if I can make it. Thanks.

Update notice: Zazzle has taken ALL of the LAPD items off my store that I made up. They say it's because of a threat from the city of Los Angeles. Sorry Adam-12/LAPD fans