Other Black and Whites

I've wanted to start this page for a while. I get a lot of emails from car owners other than LAPD or Adam-12. So since they are black and whites I thought they would be a good fit for the website. Soon I will be adding a page for ANY old police cars. For now though here is the start. If you have any old black and white please email me pics with the info. on the car. Thanks.

                                California Highway Patrol

First up is a good friend of mine. Kenneth Dunn owns this real award winning authentic retired 1991 Ford Crown Victoria California Highway Patrol Car. This CHP Car was in service from 1991 to 1993 in California. Ken purchased the car and had it ship from California to Beaver, PA in 2005. 

Ken's CHP Car has participated in many emergency shows including Ferndale MI. (Detroit), New York City (New York), Aurora Illinois (Chicago), National Police Week (Washington DC), Crime stopper Fund Raiser (Cumberland MD.), Emergency show in Faulkner's west chester PA, and local parades. 

Ken's CHP Ford is equiped with the 351 cubic inch windsor police interceptor engine. This car was partially restored in california and was completed in PA. with the help of friends in law enforcement.




                                                Thanks Ken. It looks great!

Again, If you own any black and white please send me pics and vehicle information and I'll add it to the new page. thank you.


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